• Aromat

    Small extensions to Ruby core libraries to make your life easier

  • CornStarch

    Simple UI Abstractions for Rails

  • Cortex

    Asset Management System

  • Fractal Backend

    Backend for the Fractal Continuous Integration and Deployment system

  • Gnomon

    Simple event scheduling for Ruby

  • GoldenTicket

    Simple JWT Tools for Ruby

  • HipShit

    Stupid tool to flood HipChat rooms with messages

  • Nut

    Miniature Reactive HTTP Server based on RxIO

  • pdftdx

    Simple tool to extract Table Data from PDFs

  • pdftohtml

    Simplistic wrapper around poppler's pdftohtml utility

  • ProjectorPWS

    Projector PWS client library

  • Runify

    Easily turn any Ruby object into a service

  • RxIO

    An implementation of the Reactor Pattern for Ruby Sockets

  • Sack

    Minimalistic Persistence Framework providing ORM, Relationships, Validation, Generic Connectors

  • Spiffup

    Provides means to 'prettify' output in Ruby

  • Spyt

    Simplify your logging

  • Typor

    MIME detection magic based on file contents - nothing more

  • xKoon

    JSON-based Reactive Service Framework

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